Si-Tech GmbH was established in Germany as a European TOR technology center and is part of the TORtec Goup.
The main task of the company is industrial testing and development of TOR-technologies in mineral processing, in the processing of mineral raw materials and industrial accumulations for the purpose of subsequent applications and commercialization in various countries of the world.
The company is equipped with modern equipment, a special “TORNADO” installation, a gas-dynamic resonance non-contact mill for grinding of materials, profile laboratory.

The company has a production site for small-scale production of activated micro and nanopowders from mineral raw materials and their functional mixtures.
A wide range of products from activated and / or amorphous mineral raw materials: especially pure silicon dioxide, saponite, alginite, perlite, vermiculite, shungite, bischofite, bentonites, calcites, aluminosilicates, zeolite.

New technologies have been developed for preparing bases for medicinal forms, dietary supplements, cosmetics and perfumes, specially activated and functionalized sorbents/enterosorbents, immunomodulators and biological plant protection products, artificial soil for open and closed plantations, processing agricultural waste and biomass.
Special attention was paid to the technology of creating soils in the desert, the main raw material (matrix) for which is local sand, amorphized by TOR-technology, enriched with special ion-exchange compositions and humates that do not require chemical fertilizers.

Our company is always open for new business relations and cooperations, new projects, opportunities and new perspectives. For this we exist!

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